Our company has been started to operate in Ankara on Eskişehir road 28 km in 1999 on nature sports and entertainment services. In addition to the paintball, off rood. ATV track, caravan camping activities, we have been providing service on rural weddings and organization with 4 different places on 20.000m2 area since 2007.

As a result of our researches and R & D studies, we saw that the attraction parks became widespread all over the world and we decided to form our investments in this direction. We started to build Neşeliköy Upsidedown House project on 8.000m2 area in 2016. We think that we have created an effective center of attraction for Ankara.

As Upsidedown House project attracted attention above our expectations and there was high demand from other provinces, we decided to make the project mobile. We believe that we have developed an effective project as a result of long studies. We hope that our project, where we have received all design, patent and special manufacturing rights, will be the center of attention.

We are happy to present Upsidedown House brand to the taste of Istanbul.