Dizzying Experience

Upsidedown House, where all parts of the house are decorated upside down; opened its doors to enthusiasts.


Our Impression on Kids

Now we live in a world where our lives change very quickly and conditions are constantly changing. Realizing that many approaches adopted to today, there is not a single truth and single good method on our lives. People shall accept all changes as positive and adopt them to develop their characters. People can see the whole life and the world as a playground without any coded meaning; all individuals who can synthesize different experiences from different perspectives and look at the world from an artistic point of view are progressing happier in their lives.

The Artist in Our Children

Every human being is a creative artist and feeds on a lot of experiences from childhood to adulthood. Re-examining the environments and objects that will increase the perception, imagination and creativity of children is more than just seeing their graduation.

Process of Artistic Thought

Artistic thinking in our children; It starts with his relationship with the physical environment and objects. Children, who are familiar with the physical environment and the object, begin to disintegrate, reunite, interpret and abstract the whole. Here, the Upside Down House, as a huge door opening into a different world, is a social space that will re-interpret the traditional to the children and moreover feed the imagination. We are excited to adopt this creative idea and bring all the children and adults together.

“A tiny house that has been turned upside down among the giant buildings in the sky in Maslak! A house with 2 + 1 rooms built on 75 square meters. It’s not just a house. The roof is on the ground even when you look at it from the outside. When you enter, the ceiling is under your feet and the floor is above your head! So different!”


Don’t worry, this is a clean, tidy house. Although I wonder if a twin bed hanging over us would fall on us, I must admit that many student houses I have seen throughout my university life are more chaotic than here.